The smart but incredibly simple emailer

1. Write your content

2. Pick your Template

3. Upload email addresses

4. Send out immediately, or schedule for later

5. View the reaction to your campaign in real time

Turn on the engagement

The Big Egg emailer is based on leading industry email technology that enables you to truly engage with customers, employees, shareholders or community.

Got your message out and use our analytics to get a greater insight into the messages that are really sticking with your audience. Find out what each email contact is really interested in.

Big Egg’s emailer can be managed from your mobile phone or tablet

It’s safe, secure and incredibly effective.

Once you are up and running, it could be the single most effective engagement tool with a great return for a very modest investment.

Big Egg also allows you to create a subscription list to add to your own website or blog which can provide even greater automation to your market or staff engagement.

No contracts or subscriptions, simply pay as you go. Sign up today for free.

How to Use

The Big Egg mailer is simplicity itself.

Once you sign up, there is an intuitive process that enables you to quickly design, send and manage your staff or client engagement process.

Here are the easy steps to get your emailer up and running:

  1. Create a new campaign – click on this button and give your campaign a name and add a few other details such as who it’s from and the title in the subject box
  2. Choose a template – reuse a previous template, import your own or choose one of the expert designed templates from our free library
  3. Insert your content– add in directly into your template or cut and paste from a web site or Word document
  4. Choose or upload your subscriber list – use a previous list or upload (csv format) a list of those you want to send your emailer to. Duplicates and incorrect email addresses will be checked and anyone who has unsubscribed will also be taken out of your email list – all automatically.
  5. Send or schedule delivery – click the button to send out now or schedule for a later date.
  6. Monitor your results – see who has opened your emailer (and how many times) and who has clicked on particular feature or newsletter offer.

It’s simple but also scalable. There is an apps section that allows you to integrate with Facebook, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or a whole host of other solutions.

Sign up today for free and with no obligation.

Download our guide

Click to download our guide on creating impactful emailer campaigns.

Tips and Tactics

You can download a more comprehensive guide of tips and tactics <hyperlink to PDF) but here are some quick basics to help maximise the impact of your emailer:

Content – think about this from your target audience perspective. What will they be interested in? Resist the temptation to talk about your own business (unless the emailer is to staff) and think about what content will really add value to your target audience. Make sure the subject of the emailer story is clear in the first paragraph.

Layout – each story in the emailer should only have a headline and short paragraph and with an option to ‘click’ for further information. People can then scan your email for relevant contact and you will also have a record of how has clicked onto what feature which you can use to follow up or add to your CRM database.

Imagery – use thumbnails to visually draw attention to a story rather than full size or ambiguous imagery that may detract from your emailer content.

Scheduling –  consider when the best time may be to send your emailer. This can vary between audiences and you may have to experiment with a few options. Generally, B2B emailers are better to avoid a Monday and Friday with 9.30am, 12.30pm and 4.00pm being better times to send out your mailer. For B2C emailers, 6pm is seen as a preferred time with Fridays being avoided.

Insight – consider your emailer not just a communication tool but also something that can really add to your customer or stakeholder insight. It will enable you to profile what stories specific customers or stakeholder groups are interested in, to get a measure of overall engagement. It will help you design follow up activities based on powerful insight.

Click here to download our guide on creating impactful emailer campaigns.


The Big Egg mailer is available as a ‘pay as you go’ option or you can buy a monthly subscription depending on your needs. If you know you’re going to send out regular emailers on a frequent basis, then the monthly subscription may be a better option but if not just pay as you go. There is a set up charge for each campaign and a cost per email. As an illustration the cost of sending a campaign to 1000 recipients would be approximately a £5 set up charge and £11 email i.e. a total of £16. We bill on US dollars, so this may vary slightly due to exchange rates.

Contact us at for any pricing enquiries.

Free Template Design

There is a wide range of free templates available for you to choose from. Simply add your own logo and colour schemes.

If you struggle with this in touch through and so long as you make a commitment to use the Big Egg Mailer, we can do you a bespoke template for free.


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